Craftisum Purple Resin Sewing Buttons Brass Metal Base with Shank 30 Pcs - 10mm, 13/32"

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"Moms are like buttons - they hold everything together", Very true evaluation.
Button size: [Ligne] 16L, 10mm, 13/32"- It's TINY.
30 pcs of Metal base sew on buttons.
Design: Resin imitate beautiful gemstones, brass color metal base, Classic, retro and elegant.
Resin buttons are cheerful and cost-effective options for sewing and decorative finishes.
The Decorative buttons are eye-catching accents on garments.
You never know when you'll need buttons for a sewing project, then store some buttons make sure you'll have button supplies when needed.
Replace these buttons to style up your old or basic clothes, shirts or skirts.
Unique style brings a different fashion style, add details and colors, more eye-catching.
Buttons, the most inconspicuous but also very important little thing in clothing.
How to sew or replace a button.
Tips: Button threads have many colors, Choose the same or close color to the buttons.
Recommended to use button sewing threads when attaching buttons, This thread is thicker in diameter and stronger than ordinary sewing threads.
If you use ordinary sewing thread, you need to sew a few more times when you doing the following steps.
1. Tie a knot at the end of the thread, start stitch at the point where the button is ready to be sewn.
2. Let the needle and thread go through the button hole and out from the other side.
3. Stitch in the clothes, pass the needle threads through the button hole again.
4. Pull the threads on the back to tighten the sewing, leaving about 2 mm spacing between the clothes and the buttons.
5. Continue to sew the threads between the hole and the garment 3 to 4 times.
6. Wrap the thread below the button 3 to 4 times with needle.
7. When winding the last circle, let the needle pass through the middle of the wire.
8. Slightly tighten the threads.
9. Stitch the needle and thread through the clothes, tie a seam knot under the clothes.
10. Cut off the excess threads, completes the sewing of a button.