About Us

Hello-Dear Friends,
Thank you for visiting my website craftisum.com

At this moment, I feel excited and complicated.
I have too many to say but I don't know where to start. 
Give me a second to calm down and hear me out.

The origin of this website can be traced back to my childhood.

I was born in a poor family in a small town, dad is a primary school teacher, my mom was laid off and unemployed.
The whole family of four is counting on father's meager salary.
Living such a poor life, I still can feel the beauty of life, I must thank my ingenious mom.

Until now, I still remember the first pillow in my life.
It's a hand made small pillow sewn with two pieces of fabric, the leftover scraps from other people's clothes.
Red cloth in the back and a white cloth with floral patterns.

To decorate it, she also sewed on ruffle edges.
The most attentively is that she embroidered a small beautiful goldfish on the redback.
The goldfish represents Peace, Happiness, Beauty, she embroidered the pattern on the pillow, hoping the kids will be blessed.

This pillow is still in use today. 

When the first time I take my son back to my hometown, the pillow accompanies him to sleep.
One day he found the pillow is special, he told me:
"Wow, dad, there is a beautiful little goldfish here, so cute."
I told him gently:
"Son, that was embroidered by grandma."
Then he asked:
"Why she did that?"
I think for while and told him:
"Because she loves us."

Back then, even in such a poor and difficult situation, mom still does not forget to live with heart, with love.
With the simplest materials and love, to create beautiful things in life.
The spirit helps us go through those difficult ages.
It makes me feel the beauties in life and encourages me to pursue beautiful things.
Believe you can create a better life with your own hands.

I will remember forever.

Now I am grown up.
Once I was lost and feel helpless, I used to couldn't find my way in life.
By chance, when I saw these exquisite handicraft materials, I suddenly realized that this is what I want to do.

These beautiful little things make me feel healed.

Change a few small buttons of a coat, upgrade it directly.
Stitch red threads over the buttonhole, a black suit became more attractive.
(And this black suit is my wedding suit.)
Fix a hole in kids' clothes by sewing a decorative patch, his friends were extremely envious.
Tie a beautiful bow with a ribbon to the gift box, it looks more beautiful.
There are too many examples...

Just these simple little things will bring beauty, joy, and happiness.
Yes, this is life, a happy life.

After careful consideration, I decided to start this career.
I know it won't be easy, I'll do it with my best faith, hold love, being humble and meek.

I hope that the products I recommended can be recognized and loved by everyone.

We have an ancient poem:

It tells a story:

The kindly mother holds threads to sew the clothes for the child,
Because the child is going to a distance and will be so far away from home.
She sews so attentively, stitches by stitch, so carefully.
She was worried of the child goes for too long time and afraid his clothes will be damaged before he comes back.

A strand of thread, Full of Care and Love.

Love life, Made with Love.