Craftisum 20 pcs Purple White Enamel Weaving Hollow Metal Sewing Shank Buttons for Coats -25mm -1"

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Buttons, the most inconspicuous but essential thing in clothes. Like us, ordinary but important.
Button size: [Ligne] 40L - 25mm - 1"
Metal Sew on Buttons, Enamel. - 20 pcs Appropriate for Double breasted jackets or coats.
Design: Hollow out area result in a weaving style, Electroplating base, mix color enamel layer fill in,it's different from conventional buttons, try something new might have a surprise.
You can have a new style to the coat with these buttons. Ideal for Trench coats, winter coats, Wool coat, Peacoat.
How to attach buttons onto a coat or jacket.

Tips: Choose a color of thread that will match your coat, also A bigger eye needle to thread.
Tips: You can double the strings of sewing thread to make the sewing job stronger.
Tips: Make marks Before starting, To ensure you put all buttons in right place, let the final result be beautiful.
Stitch Positions: Epaulets, Cuffs, Sleeve strap, Shoulder strap, front of Single or Double breasted clothing.

1. Mark center positions for each button, make marks with chalks or pins where you will sew buttons.
2. Thread the needle and tie the ends in a double knot for more firmly.
3. Start stitch from the back, keep the knot in the inside section of your coat.
4. Pushing the needle outward to the center positions marked, keep threads close to the center.
5. Let the needle and thread go through a flat button hole or the shank button hole.
6. Stitch the needle straight back down through the fabric, keep threads as close to the center mark as possible.
7. Pull the threads on the back to tighten the sewing, don't pull too hard, should leave about 1mm space between clothes and buttons.
8. Continue to Stitch Five or more stitches to sew a button to the coat securely.
9. Wrap to stiffen the thread Under the button, you will wrap around the thread Five or more times with a needle.
10. After winding the last circle, let the needle pass through the middle of the wire.
11. Then go back through the coat fabric and Slightly tighten the threads.
12. Tie tight knots snugly against the fabric several times, then cut off excess threads.
13. Repeat the same steps until all the remaining buttons are secured to the coat.